About Rubber and Gasket Corporation

At Rubber and Gasket we come to work every day because we want to solve our customer’s biggest problems. Our mission is serving the customer in all of his needs and delivering fast and excellent results. We aim to reduce the cost of doing business to our clients, that’s why we only recommend the very best materials and solutions.

Since 1971 we have been waking up every morning ready to put our expert advice and knowledge to use. We are the island’s top engineered rubber products manufacturer and with our 2 branches in Puerto Rico we cover the whole island.

Choosing the right gasket for your application is not an easy task. How about choosing the perfect hose for fluid transfers? Now that can be a hard task. That’s why we exist! To make that decision a walk in the park for you!

Nowadays we can’t wait for Monday to solve those unexpected situations. With our 24/7 motto, our customers can be certain that their Sunday morning emergency will be resolved that same day.

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